MetzFab Industries Expands with Second Flow Waterjet

MetzFab Industries is pleased to announce that it is expanding its waterjet capabilities, with the acquisition of their second Flow waterjet machine. Brandon Metzger, founder and owner of the Phoenix metal fabrication company, said, “We are seeing such demand from our customers for our waterjet capabilities that we just purchased our latest waterjet, the Flow MACH3 2513b. This 5th Axis waterjet offers a table size of 8’ x 4’, and with pressures rated at an industry leading 94,000 psi and continuous operating pressures of 87,000 psi, the Flow HyperJet pumps provide maximum productivity. This will allow us to continue to offer superior lead times and superior quality products to our customers.” MetzFab Industries specializes in sheet metal construction, CNC cutting and general metal fabrication. Keeping up with the advancements in the fabrication industry, MetzFab has the knowledge and capabilities to facilitate residential and commercial clients. We offer a wide variety of services, including state-of-the-art waterjet CNC cutting, CNC machining, engraving, welding, tube bending and much more. To learn more about how MetzFab can help you, including now with 5 axis waterjet capabilities, contact them at 602.780.2308 or visit