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MetzFab Industries Expands with Second Flow Waterjet

MetzFab Industries is pleased to announce that it is expanding its waterjet capabilities, with the acquisition of their second Flow waterjet machine. Brandon Metzger, founder and owner of the Phoenix metal fabrication company, said, “We are seeing such demand from our customers for our waterjet capabilities that we just purchased our latest waterjet, the Flow […]

MetzFab Industries adds Waterjet Cutting to its Capabilities

When Brandon Metzger made the decision to expand MetzFab Industries’ capabilities with the addition of a waterjet, he contacted three manufacturers. He says, “One made a great waterjet, but their initial sales support wasn’t up to my expectations. Plus, they didn’t have waterjets available in the Southwest for me to go see. With the second […]

MetzFab Industries, Full Service Metal Fabrication

MetzFab Industries opened for business five short years ago, started by a young and ambitious man at the age of 20. Perhaps it is easier to start your own business when it is something you love to do, and Brandon Metzger loved welding and building products. He started welding when he was just 13 years […]