Precision sheet metal work

Product Manufacturing and Assembly

As a contract manufacturer, MetzFab Industries specializes in waterjet and CNC machining using conversational and offline programming as needed. By using our CAM software package,  we are able to program using 3D data to program complex 3 and 5-axis simultaneous machine movements. We can import any 3D data and generate tool paths from your solid. Don’t have 3D data? Don’t worry; we can still operate with 2D data or print designs. 

Our Phoenix, Arizona based machine shop capabilities are in Vertical Multi-Axis Milling and Multi-Axis Turning. We also manufacture support equipment for in-process and secondary operations. 

MetzFab has strong relationships in manufacturing for secondary operations, coatings, plating, heat treatment, and anodizing. We offer cost savings by handling the secondary operations for you, and provide all necessary certifications.  

We specialize in hard to manufacture components with many secondary operations on a production basis. Our experienced team understands new product development on small, medium, and large scale manufacturing. With engineers on staff, we ask the right questions to get the job done correctly, the first time.

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