Standard and 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

Our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting equipment offers precise cutting of a variety of materials and composites to +/-0.002in accuracy. 

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CNC Machining

Our full lineup of multi-axis CNC machines help us manufacture even the most complex components using precise computer commands.

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CNC Machining design file

3D CAD CAM Design and Assemblies

Using the latest 3D CAD/CAM systems, we identify the most effective ways to overcome obstacles and achieve innovative solutions. 

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Precision welding services

Precision TIG, MIG, ARC Welding and Fixturing

Specializing in custom welds and small scale structural welding, our free-hand welding services can handle materials up to 1.25 in thick.

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MetzFab logo metal cutout

General Metal Fabrication and Design

MetzFab Industries’ general metal fabrication and design services are backed by our skilled and experienced precision machinists. 

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Specialists in tube bending services

Tube Bending Services

Our tube bending and rolling service can work with all types of materials, sizes and shapes. Choose us for your bent tubular components. 

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Precision Sheet Metal Work

We are your source for precision sheet metal machining, punching and forming. We guide our clients through design and prototype to final project.

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Precision sheet metal work

Product Manufacturing and Assembly

As a contracting manufacturer, MetzFab has strong relationships in manufacturing for secondary operations, coatings, plating, welding and fabrication. 

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Mobile Fabrication and Welding

We come to you! Our Mobile Welding and Fabrication service travels to your location in the Greater Phoenix Valley – no matter the size of the job. 

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

MetzFab Industries’ team of highly skilled craftsmen are experienced in all aspects of stainless steel fabrication and installation.

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